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The “Insurance Information and Ratemaking Forum of Asia” (IIRFA, in short) is the first of its kind established by the Asian ratemaking and/or statistical organizations (hereafter referred to as “RSOs”), and is operated as a non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit entity.

The IIRFA shall seek to advance the sound development of the insurance business in Asia and to protect the interests of policyholders through the exchange of information and knowledge on the following practical matters related to operations of ratemaking and/or statistical organizations.

  • Development and improvement of the statistical database and IT services
  • Development and improvement of the ratemaking scheme and capacity building such as training courses
  • Methodology of risk assessment and analysis
  • Risk environment trends, market circumstances and regulation, all of which impact insurance rates
  • Prospects of think tank functions and activities in the insurance industry
  • Effective fraud detection systems and capabilities
  • Other matters suitable for the objectives of the IIRFA.