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1. Foundation

In May 2012, the Korea Insurance Development Institute held the Asian Ratemaking Organizations Conference in Seoul (hereafter referred to as the " Seoul Conference") and called for the participation of the RSOs from five Asian countries/regions (hereafter referred to as "Five Organizations") in order to exchange opinions and information. The Five Organizations* reached an agreement to alternately convene an annual forum for Asian countries. The concept of the IIRFA was thus founded.

* General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan (GIROJ), Insurance Premium Rating Bureau of Thailand (IPRB), Insurance Service Malaysia Berhad (ISM), Korea Insurance Development Institute (KIDI)and Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII)

2. IIRFA 2013 in Tokyo

In accordance with the agreement of the Seoul Conference, IIRFA was held in May 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The Five Organizations adapted the IIRFA guidelines and discussed the prospect. As the host organization, General Insurance Rating Organization of Japan (GIROJ) welcomed attendees from twelve institutes in eight Asian countries/regions. At a time of unprecedented natural disasters, such as the devastating earthquake in Japan and the catastrophic flood in Thailand, which had hit Asian countries/regions and had a serious impact on the global insurance industry, GIROJ invited two Japanese academic experts as guest speakers to give commemorative speeches on earthquake and flood hazard evaluation, respectively. Each of the Five Organizations also gave a contributed presentations on respective themes based on their own business experiences.

3. IIRFA 2014 in Taipei

IIRFA 2014 was held in May in Taipei, Taiwan. As a host organization, Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII) welcomed attendees from twelve institutes of ten Asian regions. Particularly in this meeting, members agreed to operate the Subcommittee to enable more exchanges of information between member organizations. The Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) was accepted as the sixth member in this IIRFA. After this forum The Insurance Association of China (IAC) was accepted as the seventh member in this IIRFA.

4. IIRFA 2015 in Kuala Lumpur

IIRFA 2015 was held in 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5. IIRFA 2016 in Hyderabad

IIRFA 2016 was held in 2016 in Hyderabad, India.

6. IIRFA 2017 in Bangkok

IIRFA 2017 was held in 2017 in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand.